Adding collaborators

Once you're ready to share your project with other users, you can add them to your project as collaborators. Select an access level for each collaborator: Read & Write or Read only. You can also invite collaborators by email.

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Add Collaborators

In the “Overview” section, you can find your collaborators on the right hand side of the page.

Click on the “Edit” button to the right of “Collaborators” and a pop-up appears to add collaborators.

If your desired collaborator already has a KgBase account, you can simply search for their name and click “Invite.”

Selecting Access Level

You can determine what access your collaborators have by hovering over their names and selecting either “Read & Write” or “Read Only” from the dropdown menu. “Read & Write” allows the collaborator to view and edit the project, while “Read Only” only permits the collaborator to view the project.

Inviting New Users

If the desired collaborator is not on KgBase yet, you can invite them by email. They will receive an invitation email, and once accepted, they will automatically be added to the project.