Adding properties and relationships

In this article you'll learn how to build basic schemas by adding properties and relationships to your node types.

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Add the first property

When you first add a new node label, there are no properties associated with it. To add the first property, click on the "plus" button in the header of your table view.

Configure the property

First, give your new property a name. Next, you can select the property type. For now, we'll use text. You can learn about more types in [[column-types]] article. There are a few other options:

  • Required property - if you check this, it will be necessary to fill in the value of this property each time you create a new node.
  • Meta property - set the property as meta and it'll be treated in a special way by the knowledge graph. Learn more about this in the [[meta-properties]] article.

Create a relationship

Relationship is a special kind of property that connects nodes of two different types. To create a relationship, just change the property type to "relationship".

Select the label property

Each node type has a single "label" property. This property identifies your node, and is the label that is displayed for each node. For example, it's used in the graph as the default label. To change which property is the label, click on the dots icon next to property and select "Use as label".

Make changes to properties

If you wish to edit or delete an existing property, click on the dots icon next to it, and select "Edit..." or "Delete". The dialog for editing will come up, or the property will be deleted. Keep in mind that deleting a property also deletes all data associated with it!