Property types

KgBase supports a number of various property types. In this article we'll learn how each type should be used, and how to change them.

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Changing property type

To change the property type, click on the plus "+" button next to property (column) and expand the selection of column types.

  • Relationship - this property will take on values from another table, creating a relationship in the graph. Learn more in the article on relationships.
  • Text - plain text value
  • Number - number value, integer or floating point
  • Boolean - logical boolean value, yes or no
  • URL - plain text, but will be formatted as clickable link
  • Date - value will be formatted as date, and editing it will use a date selector
  • Date added, date updated - this property won't be editable, but will automatically filled in whenever the node is created or updated
  • Image upload, Image URL - image upload will allow you to upload an image for each node. Selecting image URL will let you paste a URL, and it will be formatted as image in the table.

Date formats

When you create a date property, you'll also be able to choose a date format. Changing date formats will cause all nodes to use this new format.