Complex queries - Basic steps

Learn how to use the complex queries by adding the basic steps: Selecting all nodes in a table, selecting a specific node, and finding connected nodes.

2 min read - Start now

Switch to complex query

Go to the left sidebar and switch from “Query” to “Complex” tab.

Add "connected nodes" step

The first step is already created: Select all nodes from All tables. You can change which tables you’d like to select all nodes from in the dropdown menu.

Add a new step by clicking on the blue plus (“+”) sign and choosing “Select connected nodes” from the options dropdown. This will help you find all connected nodes.

Select the relationship you would like to follow from the dropdown menu.

Showing connected nodes

Now you will see all nodes and relationships that match your search criteria.

You can hide the results from the first step by deselecting the “Display nodes from this step” box.

Start with specific nodes

Repeat these steps as desired. You can Reset all steps and start over.

This time, let’s choose “Select specific nodes.”

Search for the starting node

Search for the node in the search bar. You can build steps off of the selected node just as before, to show all nodes and relationships connected to the selected node.