Complex queries - Filtering and table view

When building a complex query, you can add a filter step, to filter down nodes returned from the previous step. You can also show the results of the last step as a table view.

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Switch to complex query

Go to the left sidebar and switch from “Query” to “Complex” tab.

Start with a specific node

Add a new step by clicking on the blue plus (“+”) sign and choosing “Select specific nodes.”

Search for the node

Search for the node in the search bar. You can build steps off of the selected node just as before, to show all nodes and relationships connected to the selected node.

Select connected nodes

Add a new step by clicking on the blue plus (“+”) sign and choosing “Select connected nodes” from the options dropdown. This will help you find all connected nodes.

Add filter step

If you want to filter the connected nodes, add a new step again and select “Filter” from the options dropdown.

Select the column you’d like to filter, the predicte, and the value you’d like to filter for. Only the filtered values will appear.

Show the table

You can keep adding steps on top of the filtered data, such as “Find connected nodes” to see relationships between the filtered nodes.

The results can be displayed as a table by clicking on the “Show table” button at the top left of the graph visualization.

If your data is filtered, the table will only display the filtered data. Remove the filter to show all of the data in the table.