Styling configuration

The graph view lets you customize a lot of styling details, such as node sizes, arrow styles, and such. You can change the styling options in the sidebar to the left of your graph view.

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There are many configuration options you can change in your graph. This can be found in the sidebar on the left side of the page.


Dynamic sizing indicates that node size is dependent on the number of relationships it has. Fixed sizing results in all nodes being the same size.


In Display you can Paginate. Select Paginate and choose which table to view. It will display the different nodes within that table, as well as their relationships, separately in different views you can toggle between.


You can enable or disable showing images for nodes.


You can change whether the label is under the node or over it.


You can increase or decrease the spacing between nodes so that they are either farther apart or closer together.


You can change the color of relationship arrows from Gradient to Gray.


You can change the style of the arrows between Curved, Straight, and Arc.