Converting column to relationship

Start converting your flat table into a graph by converting column to relationship. You can use this feature to create to-one or to-many relationships. For an example use, see Lesson 2 of the tutorials.

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Convert column to relationship

Click on the three dots to the right of the column that you’d like to convert to a relationship, and select “To relationship…” from the dropdown menu.

To-one vs. to-many

If you’d like the relationship to be directed to a single node, such as a city (cities are unique), select “To-one relationship.” If the column is referring to a list with multiple data points, such as cities lived, select “To-many relationship.”

If “To-many relationship” is selected, a popup will appear where you need to specify the Delimiter, or the thing that separates the different values in the list. In many cases, the delimiter will be a comma (“,”).

Create table or use existing table

If the relationship is new, select “Create new table” because there is not a table for your relationship yet. If you have already created the relationship table, click “Use an existing table.” Specify the node name and the column label of the existing table you’d like the relationship to be directed to. Then select “Convert.”

Verify the result

The new table created will appear on the left hand side of the screen under the Nodes section. The text column will be converted to relationships pointing to the new table.