CSV Import

If your data is prepared in the CSV format, you can use the simple uploader tool to load your file and map columns to node properties.

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Open import data menu

To upload a CSV file in your KgBase project, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the page and select “Import data” from the dropdown menu.

Select CSV

A pop-up will appear. Select “CSV file” and click Next.

Configure the CSV

Once you drag your CSV file in the upload area, a configuration table will populate.

To ensure the Options match your data, you need to adjust the settings on the right hand side of the pop-up. If your data contains headers, make sure that “Contains header row” is selected. Also make sure that “Create columns” is selected.

In the example displayed in the screenshot, Column settings (optional) should display “Year” from the dropdown and Column type is “Number.” Click Proceed once the table is configured.

The data is now successfully imported into KgBase.