Creating nodes & relationships from graph view

You can create nodes & relationships from the table view, but also from the graph view. Start by entering the "Edit mode", and use the menu to add nodes and relationships.

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Enter editing mode

In KgBase, there are two ways to add nodes: 1) add rows to your Table or 2) insert nodes in Graph view.

To create nodes in the Graph view, first enter the editing mode by clicking on "Edit mode" at the top of the graph.

Create a node

In Graph view, you can add a node by selecting “Edit mode” at the top of the page, going to “Add node” from the dropdown menu, and then selecting which table you want to add the node to.

Enter the name

Give the node a name and click Save. You can click on "Expand record" to fill in all properties of the node.

The new node will appear on the canvas. Repeat this as desired.

Create a relationship

To add a relationship between nodes in different tables, select “Edit mode” at the top of the page and click “Add relationship” from the dropdown menu.

Connect the nodes

Drag your cursor from one node to the other to create the relationship.

Name the relationship, and click Save.

The relationship will now be displayed as an arrow between nodes.