Filters, groups and aggregations

KgBase comes with basic data analysis features: Filtering, grouping and aggregations. Filtering can be used to show a subset of your records that match certain criteria. If you'd like to summarize your data, add groups and aggregations.

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To filter the data in your table, select “Filters” on the left hand side of the screen under the “Table” tab, and click “Add.”

In the dropdown that appears, select a property to filter by, and input the “Value” that you’d like to filter for. This is the same as the “Command + F” function you might be familiar with. Then click ”Apply.”

The table now will be filtered to only match your input value.

Click the “X” on the right hand side of the filter to remove the filter.

Groups and Aggregations

In the same area as Filters, you can Group and Aggregate your data.

When Grouping, select the Property that you’d like to group your data by and click “Confirm.”

You can also add an Aggregation to your grouped data. For example, if your data consisted of Artists and the number of Albums they’ve released, you can add an aggregation that will display the average year the albums were released.