Importing data from KgBase into Gephi

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use the data of your KgBase project in Gephi. First part is exporting your data from KgBase, second part is importing the generated file into Gephi.

2 min read - Start now

Step 1

Open a KgBase project, then click on 'Data' tab.

Step 2

Click on top-right gear, then click on 'Export Special'.

Step 3

Select 'GraphML' from the menu.

Step 4

Click on 'Export'.

Step 5

A .graphml file will be downloaded.

Step 6

Click on 'File' menu, then click on 'Open'.

Step 7

Select downloaded .graphml file and click 'Open'.

Step 8

In the next dialog, click 'Ok'.