Lesson 1 - Creating the music albums project

In this lesson we'll learn how to create your first KgBase project and import data with 500 best music albums from CSV file.

3 min read - Start now

Step 1

Sign in to KgBase and create a new project using "Blank" template.

Step 2

Name your project "Top Music Albums". Enter a brief description, pick privacy setting and choose a color for the project.

Step 3

A table called "Table 1" was automatically created for your project. Rename this table by clicking on "..." icon next to the name, and call it "Albums".

Step 4

Now we'll upload the CSV. We'll use GitHub repository called "500 Greatest Albums". Click here to download the CSV file.

Now go to KgBase and click on the cog wheel button in the upper-right corner. Select "Import data" from the list of options.

Step 5

In the dialog that shows up next, select "CSV File".

Step 6

Drag and drop your CSV file onto the upload modal. After a few seconds, your file will be uploaded. You'll see the "Configure CSV file" screen.

On this screen, make sure that two checkboxes are selected: "Contains header row" (because the file has a header row) and "Create columns. This will make sure all of CSV columns are imported.

Step 7

Let's skip the "Number"" column, as that's not necessary for our project. Locate the header for "Number" column, and in the select box, change selection from "(Create column)" to "(Skip)".