Linking external tables

An external table allows you to assign specific attributes to the data already in your KgBase table.

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Linking an external table

On the left-hand side of the page under “Tables,” click the three dots to the right of the “Nodes” dropdown. From the menu options that appear, click “Link external nodes.”

You can then select either one of “My Projects” or “Public Projects.”

Select all of the tables that you want to add to your project by checking the box to the left of the names. Then, click “Link.”

The external table will appear in the sidebar to the left under the “Links” dropdown. Once you confirm that the data is there, it’s time to create a relationship.

Create a relationship

Go back to the original table you want to link the external table to. The original table is located under the “Nodes” dropdown.

After clicking on the table, you can create a relationship by selecting the plus (“+”) icon in the column to the right of your data.

Assign a Property Name and select “Relationship” from the dropdown menu under “Type.”

Select the external table that you have just linked from the “Target table” dropdown menu and click “Save.”

You will see the data you linked through the external table appear in the column to the right of the data that was already in your project.

Double click on the desired cell in the new column, input the desired data from your linked table, and click “Save.” The data will then populate in the new column of your KgBase project.