In this video we will go over how to install the Graphui application onto a Neptune cluster. The environment we are using for this video is completely within a controlled sandpit account. We advise that you take the necessary, industry standard, security precautions when deploying to production.

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For the purpose of this guide, we have deployed an AWS Neptune cluster via the console. For guidance on how to setup the AWS Neptune infrastructure - please navigate to Neptune Config to find more information on how to deploy Neptune on AWS.

Install App Components

Once Neptune is deployed, navigate to your local terminal in order to being installing the app. Run the commands seen on screen to load the app and install to Neptune. Ensure you have Install docker, docker-compose and be on a linux distribution (or linux capabilities)

Edit Settings

Once components are installed, we need to alter the graphui settings file to reflect the details for GRAPHDB_CONFIG_RW and GRAPHDB_CONFIG_RO -

Create Application

Finally, once settings have been updated and saved, the app can be installed using these commands -