Visualize node size based on data

In the graph view, you can set up edges to use dynamic size based on your data. To do this, first make sure that the nodes of the chosen type have a numerical property to visualize. Then you can select it to be used for calculating node size.

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Set up node sizing

The default node size is dependent upon the number of connections the node has - the more connections, the larger the node and vice versa.

This can be changed by clicking on settings (the gear icon) in the Graph view at the bottom right corner of the page and selecting “Set up node sizing.”

Ignoring number of relationships

By changing all of the node settings to “(ignore),” you can program node size to ignore the number of relationships each has. This will result in all nodes being the same size.

Sizing by number column

If one of the node tables has a number column, such as population in this example, you can select that to be the determining factor of node size.