With regression, you can select multiple numerical columns for input and output. After configuring, the regression will be executed against your data, and you can either fill empty values, or add a new column.

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Configure regression

To do a regression, start with a table that has numerical columns. Go to the “Regression” section under the “Analyze” tab on the left hand side of the page and select the Input and Output fields from the dropdown menus. Then select Run.

Run the regression

On the right side of your table, the regression analysis will appear for all the rows of data.

Fill missing values

If you only want to calculate rows that are missing data, click on “Advanced Configuration” right above the blue Run button in the Regression section.

Change the setting from Create New Columns to Fill Missing Values. Click Run.

Now, the regression will only be calculated for missing values. To save these values, click on the blue Save button directly below the Run button.