Basic graphs

  • Simple graph queries

    Learn how to get started with the graph by making simple queries: Selecting which node types should be included, or picking the starting node.

  • Traversing the graph

    Traversing the graph means picking a starting node and following the relationship to the next node. Repeat the process, and keep traversing to explore your graph.

  • Creating nodes & relationships from graph view

    You can create nodes & relationships from the table view, but also from the graph view. Start by entering the "Edit mode", and use the menu to add nodes and relationships.

  • Creating nodes & relationships from code

    Another way to create nodes & relationships is by using a text file. This allows you to use special syntax to type all the nodes you'd like to create, and then create them all in one go.

  • Showing stats

    When looking at the graph view, you can show the stats sidebar. It will show some basic statistics, such as node and edge count, but also advanced graph stats to help you better understand your data.

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