Lesson 4 - Basics of working with a graph

In this lesson, you will learn how to see different aspects of your graph with our features.

2 min read - Start now

Step 1

Go to the Graph Tab, which will give you a view of the graph in the main area with the tables on the left side.

Step 2

Focus on a specific node by clicking on the node you want to see. Once it’s selected, click the “focus” button at the top of the graph.

Step 3

This will bring you to view the node you focused on.

Step 4

Extend the focus to another node by clicking on a different node and then “add to focus” in order to focus on the next node you are trying to look at.

Step 5

Search for a node by clicking on the magnifying glass on the upper right part of your graph.

Step 6

Or search for a node directly under your tables by typing in the node you’re searching for, click on the name and it will automatically focus on that node.


Lesson 5 - Creating complex graph queries

Complex queries enable you to have fine grained control over the subgraph that gets visualized.

When building a complex query, you set constraints on the paths that you want to appear on the final graph. A complex query is comprised of a series of 'steps'. Each step of the query is matched by a node of the matching paths.

Suppose we are starting with this graph and we would like to see just the products of each industry.