Lesson 6 - Drawing graphs

Draw your graph from scratch by creating nodes and building relationships with our "Edit Mode" feature.

2 min read - Start now

Step 1

Draw your graph by creating nodes and building relationships between them directly in the graph tab. First, create tables for each segment of the graph in the data tab.

Step 2

Then in the graph tab activate the “editing mode” to start making nodes and build relationships.

Step 3

Add a node by selected "Add node," and choosing which table your node will be added to.

Step 4

Create a relationship by selecting "Add relationship," and dragging from one node to connect to another node. Then input the relationship name in the box that shows up and click done.

Step 5

Once you're finished with Edit Mode, click "Finish Editing" for your changes to remain on your graph.


Lesson 7 - Linear regression

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to do basic multiple linear regression with tables in your KgBase project. This feature lets you specify one or multiple input variables (predictor variables) and a single output variable (outcome variable.)