April 23, 2020

Text Process Feature, Fight COVID-19 with Knowledge Graph Project

We are constantly improving and releasing new changes based on our users' feedback.

Here are some features that we implemented last week.

Text Process Feature

With our Text Process Feature, you can analyze any type of text - song lyrics, novels, speeches or news articles. With KgBase’s simple plug and play system, the step by step process is easy.

You need to have your sample file ready to upload and in the .txt format. We used this file here to create our Test Project.

Step 1: Start by uploading your dataset to KgBase by clicking on the gear button on the right-hand side and choose “Integrations.”

Step 2: Select “Text file (.txt) and click Next. Choose your text file from your files and then click “process.”

Now that your data is uploaded into KgBase you can begin to create your graph.

Step 3: Click the top-right gear again and choose “transform” then “process text”. Select the column you’d like to look at first, for example, you can see here the “article” column that we want to process.

Check out how we created a knowledge graph based on the TXT file that we provided above in this project on KgBase.

Fight COVID-19 with Knowledge Graphs

We started a new project where we are adding all vendors who are giving COVID-19 discounts. It's been great to see some of the leaders take part in the initiative of knowledge graphs to fight COVID-19. Add your own here!