April 30, 2020

Create Landing Pages with No-Code, Check Out Webinar Search Engine and Companies Offer COVID- 19 Discount

We are constantly improving and releasing new changes based on our users' feedback.

Here are some features that we implemented last week and upcoming events you can sign up for.

Create Landing Pages with No-Code

Now you can create and publish landing pages based on any listicles that you upload to your project on KgBase. Follow the steps on the left side toolbar to configure your own landing page layout.

Find below our two recent projects using this feature.

We created a Webinar Search Engine landing page where you can browse online events divided by industry. Come find a webinar in finance, corporate, consulting and many other categories or publish your own event in this project that will later appear on the Webinar Search Engine.

Check out the landing page from our project last week that we created based on this listicle.

Find all vendors who are giving discounts to fight COVID- 19 with knowledge graphs, or add your own here.