February 20, 2020

Enterprise Plan, Company's Team Page, Create Team Project and Collaborate, Pricing

We are constantly adding new product features to KgBase based on users' feedback.

This week we are introducing our Enterprise Plan that allows you and your team to collaborate on projects.

Enterprise Plan

We added an Enterprise Plan, which gets you unlimited access to public and private datasets for up to 15 members.

Company's Team Page

Start your company page by adding a title for your team with a short description and then choose whether you want it to be private or public.

Collaborate with Your Team

We also implemented a search tool that makes it easier for you to invite your team members to work on the same project.

Create Your First Team Project

Now you can create projects that are owned by your team to transform the numbers and datasets into graphs that inspire and influence your team's decisions!


You can sign up for our Enterprise Plan for $100/month!