March 12, 2020

Text Analysis Feature, Salesforce Integration, Deleting All Rows

We are constantly improving KgBase as we prepare to launch.

Here are some features that we implemented last week based on users' feedback.

Please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts on the product!

Text Analysis Feature

This feature allows you to convert unstructured words into structured data. You can automatically derive entities and their relationships from any text file.

Salesforce Integration

You can now integrate your Salesforce data directly into KgBase. By analyzing your Salesforce information in a knowledge graph, you'll be able to generate insights such as lead management, lead source, which AE works the best with which BDR and which companies you talk to the most.

Deleting All Rows

With this feature, you will have more control over your content creation on KgBase. You can now delete all rows in a table with a couple of clicks.